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Subsea Tooling Services have designed a range of high flow valve pack systems  to compliment our range of high performance subsea dredgers & ROV tooling systems 


The subsea winch created in partnership with Fisher Offshore and Subsea Tooling Services provides an all in one setup to enable continuous subsea operations and optional real-time telematics to identify and prevent breakdowns. 
              TRIDENT ​​​​​​

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Trident is Subsea Tooling Services latest invention. 
A large tool that is designed for decommissioning pipeline & umbilicals all in one operation. 
From Dredging, cutting & lifting Trident does it all! 
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Our dredgers have been designed and built to the highest standards by experienced engineers and fabricators.
Using cutting edge fluid dynamic technology our dredgers are the most efficient in the current market. Our range of unique dredgers are easy to use, both by Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and divers. This new generation of dredge systems can be configured subsea to either dredge or jet without the need for ROV / Diver frame recovery. By simply swapping out some sub components the dredger can be converted into a high volume jet pump which can be used in conjunction with the STS jetting lance.
Check out our full dredger range below
  1. 12" Titan Dredger
    12" Titan Dredger
  2. 6" WW1 Charity Dredger
    6" WW1 Charity Dredger
  3. 6" Piranha
    6" Piranha
  4. 6" Piranha
    6" Piranha
  5. New 6" Piranha Dredgers
    New 6" Piranha Dredgers


The World’s First umbilical removal tool. Click the image to go to the dedicated product page to find out more!


Subsea Tooling Services UK Ltd (STS) offer a range of equipment to support your subsea projects. Select the image to go to the dedicated product pages: